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    We truly appreciate every customer that has chosen us and we always strive to provide excellent customer service.

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    Our advanced equipment and cutting-edge cleaning solutions help us perform the most effective cleanings.

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    We stay up-to-date with the newest technologies and our technicians are carefully trained to ensure the results of your cleaning are striking.

Carpets can be an object of beauty or a health hazard for your family, it all depends on how maintain and clean your carpets. We are equipped and trained to treat, clean, and look after your carpets. That’s what makes us one of the best carpet cleaners in New York. Read more
Many homeowners wonder why it is important to hire experts for air duct cleaning. New York Carpet Clean and its trained staff take the liberty of answering this question for you. Of late, the deteriorating quality of air inside our homes has become a matter of great concern. Read more
Did you know that the quality of air inside your house could be severely impacted by the presence of a dirty are rug? For a home that’s not just beautiful but also healthy and a safe haven for your family, place your trust in one of the leading rug cleaners New York has to offer! Read more
Choosing furniture takes time & effort. Do you put the same effort into maintaining it's great looks? For upholstery that looks as good as new every single day, try one of the most reliable upholstery cleaners New York has to offer. Read more
Fires cause extensive damage from the fire itself, but if you don’t take prompt action, it can cause further damage to the contents of your home . As experts in fire damage restoration, New York Carpet Clean can definitely help. Read more
We adore our pets but we would much rather they didn’t leave behind that awful stink in the house. If you feel that way, our New York pet odor removal team has just the perfect solution for you! Read more
Dirty tiles are never appealing; worse, they can become a health hazard by harboring harmful micro-organisms and mold. For the best services in tile cleaning, New York Cleaning Experts are your one stop solution! Read more
You would never imagine the type of damage water can cause to your home. If you are interested in prompt and efficient services, give our New York water damage restoration experts a call today! Read more
A mattress that is dirty could very well cause a host of respiratory problems and skin allergies. Keeping that in mind, hire only the best mattress cleaners, New York has to offer – and that’s us! Read more

About Us

If you have decided to get your carpet cleaned, you would be understandably concerned. It may be a very expensive investment you made, a precious gift, or simply something you have become attached to. Keeping this in mind, you would want to know that the people you hire to get that special carpet of yours cleaned are experienced and trustworthy professionals. Here at Carpet Cleaning NYC, we are the best company to perform all of your cleaning needs! After all, it is no accident that a diverse group of clients rely on us with complete confidence.

Our Professionals Are Fully Trained in Safe and Effective Cleaning Methods

When it comes to cleaning something as complex, delicate and expensive as a carpet, there is no room for error. Thorough training is vital to the quality of service we perform for every customer. Each of our cleaning experts is a fully certified and trained professional, fully educated in the safest cleaning methods for every kind of carpet fiber and damage level.

We value the safety of your children and your pet, which is why we do not employ any dangerous chemicals or potentially hazardous cleaning techniques. The moment our professional enters your home, rest assured that you have entrusted your carpet in the hands of someone who values cleanliness and safety, above all.

We Communicate

Our communications with our customers are top-notch from office personnel all the way to our technicians. We train our professionals to explain each step of the cleaning clearly to our customers so they are aware of what is being done. Our professional will assess the state of your carpet, tell you exactly what can and cannot be restored, and tell you in easy to understand language what the different cleaning options are. Most importantly, he will answer any questions you may have about your carpet’s cleaning, and once the cleaning is done, he will educate you on how best to maintain your carpet.

No Hidden Costs

There is nothing more infuriating than a professional cleaning service presenting you with a bill that is a lot more than what you discussed, and then following it up with cranky excuses. That is why our professional will tell you straightaway exactly how much your carpet’s cleaning procedure will cost you.

Clear and Specific Time Estimate

We value your time, and our professional will tell you exactly how long you will need to bear with the cleaning and drying process.

Our Success Depends On Client Referrals

You may ask, ‘you say all this, but how do I really know?’ It’s simple really: without happy customers, we stand nowhere. Most people contract a carpet cleaning company in New York that has been referred by someone they know. It is in our interest that you are fully satisfied with the cleaning we give your carpet, and you refer Carpet Cleaning NYC services to your family and friends.

In a world where trust between a company and a customer is vital, we want to make sure you completely trust us.