Expert Carpet Cleaners in New York Talk about your Carpet’s Dirty Little Secret

Carpet Cleaning NYCCarpet cleaners in New York, or for that matter anywhere in the US, are considered to be an elite breed of professionals. Some believe they are reserved only for serving palatial homes that are fitted with Oriental carpets and silk rugs. That really isn’t true. The average homeowner is just as much in need of carpet cleaning services as the rich. Here are some compelling reasons why.

If carpets aren’t cleaned regularly by professional New York carpet cleaners, they can become one of the leading reasons of sickness and disease in your house. They can visibly affect the health of the air quality inside it. For instance, did you know that the average carpet can contain up to 8 times their weight in dust, dirt, and toxins? There may even be no trace of the dangers lurking beneath your feet.

Each time you spray an aerosol in a room containing a carpet or use any sort of liquid cleaner, each time you step into the house and walk over the carpet in your dirty shoes, each time your kids and pets come in from the garden and sit down on the carpet, trace amounts of pollutants are being left behind in it. Not even the most thorough Sunday cleaning has the ability to dislodge some of the dirt and grime in there.

Over time, all this dust, dirt, and grime that has sunk deep into the fibers of the carpet accumulate to form an undesirable level of build up that is extremely harmful for your family. Before you know it, you and your family are battling with headaches, nausea, runny noses, itchy eyes, and skin rashes.

Dust mites can create just as much of a problem. They survive on bacteria, fungi, and human skin cells. The average human being sheds around 50 million skin cells in a day! Therefore, a dirty carpet serves as a never-ending feast for dust mites. This in turn can lead to severe health problems associated with dust allergies. This is horrible news considering most of the nation is allergic to dust mites.

Your carpet provides a variety of functions. It improves the aesthetic value and filters your air. Carpets acts as a filter purifying the air in a room much like the central heating and cooling system you have. It works by trapping accumulated contaminants like pollen, soil, dust, food particles, and animal hair thereby keeping them out of circulation into the air.

Your carpets will reach a maximum saturation level and release the trapped particles into your air. This will now contaminate the air. That’s why it becomes important to hire expert carpet cleaners in New York to extract all the accumulated grime and restore the beauty and health of the carpet.

In the end, when it comes to carpet cleaning, New York Carpet Clean and its team of trained professionals can’t stress enough on its importance and would implore you not to treat this matter too lightly. We offer professional services that will leave behind a carpet that is visibly cleaner, better smelling, and healthier. Get in touch with our New York carpet cleaners to see what we offer and count on us to take care of your dirty work, thoroughly, expertly, and professionally!


Professional Air Duct Cleaning: New York’s Finest Experts Explain Why you Need It

Air Duct Cleaning NYCMany homeowners wonder why it is important to hire experts for air duct cleaning. New York Carpet Clean and its trained staff take the liberty of answering this question for you. Of late, the deteriorating quality of air inside our homes has become a matter of great concern. Many people are not aware of the fact that ducts that circulate warm and cool air throughout the house are one of the leading reasons of indoor air pollution.

Over time, air ducts see a buildup of harmful substances such as dust particles, pollen and various other kinds of debris. Unknown to you, these pollutants are actually being dispersed throughout your house. To make matters worse, moisture in the air duct leads to mold and mildew growth. This will further impact the health of your family. Now you can gather why it’s important to hire reliable New York air duct cleaning experts.

If you need more convincing, here are four more compelling reasons that will have you reaching for the phone and getting in touch with us immediately:

  1. Durability of your HVAC system: In the absence of regular cleaning or systematic maintenance, it is believed that 90% of heating and cooling systems tend to breakdown or fail. Replacing the overall system and paying for the labor to do so works out to be significantly more expensive than hiring New York duct cleaning professionals to conduct periodic maintenance on it.
  2. Savings on Energy Usage: Did you know that dust build up on the coils of your heating and cooling systems leads to excessive energy consumption? According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, removing as little as 4/10 of an inch of dust from the coils reduces energy consumption by more than 20%. You can imagine how much you will be able to save on your monthly utility bills.
  3. Protection from Health Problems: Your air duct cleaning system could be circulating a host of pollutants throughout your house including dust, allergens like pet dander and pollen, and toxins like rodent droppings, mold, and mildew. For those that are susceptible to allergies, living in a place that has poor air quality can cause their condition to aggravate. Even if your family does not have allergic reactions to these substances, there is still the danger of contracting other illnesses and diseases.
  4. Remove Nasty Odors: The proliferation of dust and mildew in your air ducts usually leads to the presence of a musty odor throughout the house – something that persists in spite of aromatic candles or the strongest air fresheners. As experts in duct cleaning, New York professionals guarantee that once we are done, the only thing we will leave behind is fresh and sweet smelling air.

As you can see for yourself, a total, thorough, and regular air duct cleaning is a pre-requisite of a healthy home environment. In addition to a periodic maintenance schedule, it’s also important to have your air ducts cleaned in case any of these events occur:

  • Presence of water in your duct caused by leaky roof or water pipe
  • Flooding of your town or home
  • Mold detected during servicing of your HVAC system
  • Presence of insects or rodents in the duct
  • Major remodeling project
  • Moving into a new apartment or home

No matter what your demands might be in air duct cleaning, New York Carpet Clean’s dedicated personnel are trained and equipped to handle it all. Get in touch with us today to know of our range of services.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Require Services of Expert Rug Cleaners, New York, NY

Rug Cleaning NYCWhen it comes to rug cleaners, New York is fairly overflowing with hundreds of them. And yet, the average New Yorker believes that hiring them is a waste of money, or a practice that is reserved for only the richest segment of the society. What most people do not know is that rug cleaning is not a luxury; it’s an essential necessity for your family’s health.

Cleaning your rugs isn’t simply about making them look beautiful; it has far reaching implications for your health as well. Failing to hire experts in rug cleaning in New York can mean you are putting your family at great health risk. Don’t believe us? Here are the top illnesses that can stem from unclean and unhygienic rugs.

1. Asthma

Carpets that are damp and unclean create a hospitable environment for harmful micro-organisms. Research proves that these microbes aggravate asthma among people who are susceptible to this condition. In fact, it also leads to the development of one of the severest forms of this condition – bronchial asthma.

2. Rashes and Irritation

Here’s one more reason for calling in New York rug cleaning experts. It’s a well-known fact that dirty rugs make for a fantastic breeding ground for dust mites. They feed on the human cells, bacteria, and fungi that fall onto the carpet and eventually find their way deep into its fibers. Studies indicate that a large percentage of the American population is allergic to dust mites, and exposure to them can lead to health complications such as rashes on the skin and irritation in the nose and eyes.

3. Respiratory Problems

Although mold is not known to cause asthma, it has been linked to several other respiratory problems. It becomes worse when bacteria and allergens start living and feeding on mold spores. Over a period of time this can expose your family to a variety of illnesses and diseases.

4. Poor Immunity

Do you know what mycotoxins are? Mycotoxins are defined as poisonous compounds that are produced by certain types of fungi and they are commonly found in dirty rugs and carpets. Long term exposure to mycotoxins is known to wear down your body’s defense mechanism. It has also been held responsible for a variety of health problems ranging from stomach infections to allergies to respiratory problems.

5. Athletes Foot

Need more convincing why you must dial the number of our experts in rug cleaning in New York NY immediately? Dirty rugs harbor pollutants and parasitic organisms – this fact must have come across quite clearly by now. In addition to all the health problems we’ve discussed above, walking around barefoot on a carpet can also cause athlete’s foot.

This list is by no means extensive but it gives you a good idea of the health hazards you could incur if you ignored the regular cleaning routine of your rugs. Thankfully, you don’t have to look too far for the best and most professional rug cleaners. New York Carpet Clean has a team of fully trained expert cleaners who are dedicated to offering impeccable solutions for all your needs. Pick up the phone and call us to learn about the scope of your services. Remember, the more you delay, the longer you place yourself and your family in the frontline of danger.

The Importance of Hiring Competent Upholstery Cleaners, New York

Upholstery Cleaning NYCPeople go to great lengths choose upholstery for their homes. They spend days deciding the kind of look they want and hours choosing the right kind of upholstery to match it. And yet, when it comes to protecting their investment and ensuring that it lasts for a long time, most of us fall short on the care that is due to upholstered furniture. The most common reason is the person simply couldn’t tell that their upholstery was dirty.

Even if your furniture doesn’t look visibly dirty or soiled, it’s important to have them regularly cleaned by professionals in upholstery cleaning in New York, NY. Experts agree that dust is your furniture’s #1 enemy. It blows in through the windows and doors of your home getting embedded in the upholstery. The abrasive action of these particles end up cutting through its fine fiber like scissors.

Since these pollutants are usually microscopic in nature, they are not visible to the naked eye. The design on the material may further conceal any  problems. However, you can be quite sure they are there. Worse, each time you sit down on your sofa or lie down on that cushion, your skin oils compress all that dirt and pushes it further into the fabric.

After embedding deeply, even the strongest vacuum cleaner is unable to extract it. The condition deteriorates considerably when all the grime and dirt combines with food crumbs, pollen, and dust mites (not to mention their disgusting fecal pellets) to create an invisible layer that no amount of vacuuming will be able to remove.

Hiring New York upholstery cleaning experts makes a lot of sense for more reasons than one. To begin with, they are especially trained to do a thorough job of removing dust and soil that may have accumulated over the years. They work with special cleaning agents and equipments that are not available to the general public. No matter how tough a stain might be or how old a spot they will be able to get it out in no time at all.

In addition, they are also able to do something about that musty smell in the furniture that you are often complaining about. Hiring professionals to clean your upholstery regularly also keeps it looking newer for longer.

Perhaps the most important benefit you receive from professional upholstery cleaning in New York, NY is fabric protection. Once they are done with cleaning your upholstery most cleaning companies will ask you if you’d like to go in for a fabric protector for your upholstery. If yours is the kind of place that sees a lot of traffic you may strongly want to consider having it applied. With a protector on your upholstery, stains and spills are less likely to penetrate into the fabric which makes cleaning easier.

When it comes to professional upholstery cleaners, New York Carpet Clean has made quite a reputation for itself thanks to the commitment to quality and superior work ethics. Our cleaning not only leave your furniture looking great but also cleaner and healthier. Do get in touch with us to inquire about our range of services. Rest assured you won’t be disappointed with what we offer. It will be the smartest decision you will have made for your home’s upholstery in a long time.

The Common Causes of Fire Revealed by Experts in Fire Damage Restoration: New York Carpet Clean

As experts in fire damage restoration, New York Carpet Clean has seen enough of such incidents to say with certainty that fires are one of the biggest tragedies to hit a home. It becomes even more tragic when you have this nagging thought that you could’ve averted this calamity in some way or the other. A little bit of care and precaution may just have prevented an accident that caused such extensive damage to your house.

Although this may not always be the case, there’s no denying that in some instances, fires have been triggered by the carelessness of homeowners themselves. Take a look at some of the more common causes of fires in residential places and you will know what we are talking about. Here they are:

  • Smoking & Cigarettes – Ask any New York fire damage restoration expert and he will tell you that instances of a person falling asleep holding a lit cigarette in his hands aren’t quite as rare as you’d like to believe. In addition, leaving cigarette butts that haven’t been put out properly or using ashtrays that are made of flammable material have also been known to cause fires.
  • Candles – Keeping burnt candles in places where combustible objects around it (curtains, portraits, rugs, papers, cushions, etc) are very close to its flame is one of the leading causes of home fires.
  • Electrical Reasons – Failed electrical connections, defective fuses, and overly warm wires are some of the more common reasons for fires at home. This can happen even if your sockets, plugs, and wires have been installed professionally.

To make things even more crystal clear to you, let’s look at a breakup of the main rooms in the house and see what starts a fire there, forcing you to call on the services of a New York fire damage expert.

Fire Damage, New York – Room by Room Inspection

  • Bedrooms – In bedrooms, fires are usually sparked off by misuse of electrical devices, such as electric blankets, warmers, and extension cords. Very often these products haven’t been put through stringent quality tests and they end up overloading your home’s circuits.
  • Kitchen – Kitchen is the one place in the house where you find many electrical appliances and fire hazardous materials occupying a place next to each other, such as grease from cooking, open fire on the stove, microwave, and ovens. While dry cooking fires do not cause a lot of damage, grease fires from frying pans are the ones that are really dangerous.
  • Living Room & Fireplaces – Fireplaces that do not have a screen cannot prevent sparks or embers from flying into the living room or family rooms and setting combustible things like curtains, drapes, cushions, and rugs on fire.
  • Basement, Attic, & the Garage – These places are where the average homeowner stores a lot of things and they usually contain fire hazards like gasoline, old clothes, and papers. It’s no wonder then that a lot of fires are known to start in the basement or attic.

Now you know what the common causes of fire are, hopefully you will be careful and do everything that his humanly possible to prevent these terrible accidents. If you should ever require services in fire damage restoration, New York Carpet Clean and its trained professional are always standing by for you. Call us any time of the day and we will respond promptly, with a wide range of solution for all your needs!




Embarrassed to Invite your Friends Over? Ensure a Stink Free Home with New York Pet Odor Removal Services

Pet Odor Removal NYCPeople who have no pets wonder why there is such a fuss about the odor that stems from pet urine and toilet accidents. In fact some even find the idea of New York pet odor removal experts quite ludicrous. They simply can’t imagine you would need professional services to mop up doggy accidents.

Pet stain removal is never ever a simple thing. Those that have pets know how big of a problem pet stains and odor can be. Apart from the fact that they subtract greatly from the aesthetics of the house, there are very real health hazards associated with this problem. Here are some of the more common ones:

  1. It can aggravate allergies – People who are prone to allergic reactions can be severely affected by not just pet odor but also the pollen and dander floating around the house.
  2. Ammonia causes burning sensation – Ammonia is a component found in dog urine can irritate your eyes and lungs which causes a sharp burning sensation. If you want to tackle this side effect of pet odor, remove the last traces of your pet’s antics from your carpet and fiber. This isn’t always possible with your regular cleaning agent.
  3. Children are at a higher risk – If you have young children in the house, you must make more effort to keep them protected from pet stains and smell. Since their lungs are still in a developmental stage they are far more susceptible to the negative effects of pet accidents.
  4. Breeding ground for bacteria – Unless you are thorough in removing the residue of pet urine from your rugs and carpets, it can become a breeding ground for harmful fungi and bacteria that can cause a variety of ailments.
  5. Transmitter of disease – In the event your dog happens to be carrying a disease, it can be transmitted to your family members through its urine, a fact that has been confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control as well.

By now you must have understood that pet odor removal is not something you can take casually. It isn’t as random as mopping up after your dog with a piece of cloth using just about any cleaning agent that you happen to have in the house. Laughable as this might sound, cleaning up after your dog is quite a scientific process.

It starts with identifying the problem. That should be easy enough, one would say. In fact, locating pet stains isn’t easy because they aren’t always visible. Sometimes they have to be located using black light, which shows a concentration of salt commonly found in pet urine.

The next thing that needs to be done is treating the stain. Again, this is not a very easy task. Many a times the stain soaks not just into the carpet but also through the backing and the padding. Sometimes, you find that it has soaked into the floor beneath the carpet too. How do you treat a stain as stubborn as this?

This is where you require the expertise of our team of New York pet odor removal professionals. We are equipped to locate the most elusive stains and our advanced pet stain removers can get rid of even the toughest stains – that too, without harming your carpets or upholstery in any way.

Once we step into your home we promise to leave only when we are absolutely sure that it is not just clean smelling and fresh, but also disease and infection free. How can you possibly resist such an irresistible offer?


The Best & Most Efficient Services in Tile Cleaning: New York Carpet Clean

Tile and Grout Cleaning NYCWhen it comes to services in professional tile cleaning, New York has several thousand names to offer. People generally wonder why one needs trained people to clean tiles – a task that can be accomplished with a cloth and a cleaning agent. In truth, cleaning tile and grout isn’t as easy as you would think. Unless it is done thoroughly, dirty tiles and stained grout can severely impact the beauty of your home or establishment. In addition, it can also harbor mildew or mold and other disease causing organisms which have the potential to affect your family’s overall health.

If you are still wondering whether it’s actually worthwhile hiring New York tile cleaning experts, here are a few compelling reasons that should change your mind.

Saves you a lot of time

Cleaning tiles and grout and doing a thorough enough job of it can be a time-consuming task, not to mention a backbreaking one. If you are a busy person, juggling a lot of things to keep up with a hectic schedule, you may not be able to make the time to get this work done. A less stressful option for you would be to hire our experts who are trained to do this. Let them do the dirty work while you find something better to do with your time.

More Effective Grout Cleaning – New York Experts use Industrial Cleaning Agents and Equipment

The average homeowner does not have access to the kind of professional grade chemicals and equipments we use to clean tiles and grout. Needless to say, they are far superior than anything you could buy off the shelf and the machines work with a force and speed you cannot achieve with your hands. The result is that we are able to clean your tiles more effectively.

Cleaning Tiles yourself can cause Damage & Discoloration

You may believe that you can clean your tiles well enough using a strong chemical, but you don’t know the half of it. There are a variety of tiles out there in the market and each one has its own characteristics and properties. Unless you are knowledgeable about what cleaning agent to use on what kind of tile, you could end up causing serious damage to your home or office.

Prevent Injury and Sore Muscles with Professional Tile Cleaning, New York

To clean tiles and grout yourself, you have to go down on all fours and maintain that position for quite a while. The hardness of the floor coupled with the posture itself can cause soreness in the body. Worse, repeated scrubbing leaves your arms feeling all achy. This becomes an even bigger problem for people who suffer from chronic arthritis or back pain. Why go through such agony when you could achieve better results by simply picking up the phone and calling us up?

As you can see, hiring New York grout cleaning experts makes sense in a lot of ways. Here’s what you can expect when we are done with cleaning your place:

  • A more hygienic environment
  • A cleaner and more inviting look
  • A tile surface that is not just bright but also free of environmental pollutants and allergens
  • New looking grout with improved longevity

Are you sure you can achieve all that by simple cleaning and scrubbing at home?

What to Do & What Not Do When Waiting for New York Water Damage Restoration Experts to Arrive

Water Damage Restoration NYCWater damage can be caused by a variety of reasons, ranging from something as small as a leaking pipe or faucet to a natural disaster or flooding in the basement. Cleaning up the water and repairing the damage it may have caused to your home’s furniture and structural integrity is not something that an average housekeeper can tackle successfully. This is a matter best left to New York water damage restoration experts.

However, there are a few things you can do as you wait for them arrive on the scene. This will help minimize the damage being caused to your house. In the same breath, there are a few things you shouldn’t do since they can potentially worsen the situation. We’ll start with the leading mistake homeowners tend to make first.

New York Flood Damage – What You Shouldn’t Do

  • Trying to remove water with an ordinary household vacuum cleaner.
  • Using Electrical appliances while you are standing on wet floors or carpets.
  • Entering a room with standing water while the electric current is running in it.
  • Trying to remove carpets that have been tacked down to the floor without professional help. If you do it badly, the carpet could shrink
  • Lining the floors with newspaper, hoping it will absorb the water. Ink from newspaper transfers easily enough onto carpets and other surfaces causing permanent staining.

New York Water Damage – What You Should Do

  • Open the windows and use fans to circulate the air. This helps remove the dampness from a room and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Carpet, rugs and floor coverings retain a lot of water. Remove them immediately and hang them up to be dried.
  • If you can’t remove the furniture, place blocks of wood or tin foil saucers under their legs.
  • If there are any draperies trailing on the floor, lift them and loop them through a coat hanger which you can then suspend from the curtain rod.
  • Those that have a dehumidifier should use it, provided the outside temperature is above 60 degrees. Keep the windows closed when you are running it. This helps the drying process quite a bit.
  • Open the doors of your closet, the drawers on your table to help them dry quickly
  • Get antiques, paintings, and other valuable objects from the damp room to prevent them from getting damaged.
  • Remove books from the cupboard and, if any of them happen to be damp, spread them out to be dried.
  • Get the elderly members of your family, young children, and anybody else who could be suffering from allergies or respiratory conditions out of the house.

Above all the most important thing you can do while our New York mold removal experts arrive is to stay calm. Now that you’ve taken the first steps, the restoration process will be that much easier and we will be able to get it over and done with fairly quickly.

As one of the best names in New York water damage restoration our promise to our customers is straightforward and simple. We offer only the best possible services to help your family get through this problem. We do not consider the job completed unless we are absolutely certain that everything is in order and every presence of water damage has been wiped from your house.

To know more about our water damage restoration services in the Big Apple, get in touch with our team today.


The Value of Hiring the Best Mattress Cleaners New York has to Offer

As one of the finest mattress cleaners New York has, we are often faced with the question as to why it is the good citizens of the Big Apple would require our services. We could go on and on about the need for thorough mattress cleaning but we would much rather that you first look at this relevant data first.

  • The average human being sheds around 100 million scales of skin containing bacteria every day. Most of that lands up in our mattresses.
  • 45% of homes in the US use mattresses that have dust mite allergen concentration exceeding levels that are known to trigger allergic sensitization.
  • A female dust mite lays about 300 eggs, causing rapid reproduction.
  • The amount of excrement one dust mite produces in its lifetime is equivalent to 200 times its body weight.
  • Exposure to dust mites has been recognized as one of the leading factors for developing allergic diseases, such as hay fever and asthma.
  • While we are sleeping we are actually breathing in fine dust containing harmful pollutants that can cause a running nose, itchy eyes, scratchy or irritated throat, sneezing, fatigue, headaches, etc.
  • Studies indicate that your sleeping environment could include dangerous germs like Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus.

Mattress Cleaning NYC

Still wondering why you need a clean mattress? And by that we mean a professionally, thoroughly, and efficiently cleaned mattress. See, there’s a world of difference in the way you clean a mattress and the
Vacuum cleaners only remove dust from the surface and they are never able to reach the soil and pollutants that have gotten deep within the foam and fabric. Similarly, bug sprays, even the specialty ones, fail to get to the root of the problem and only temporarily eliminate bugs on the mattress’ surface. So, although you go to sleep quite confident that you’ve done a good enough job, you are still sleeping in a potential hazardous environment.

The average homeowner thinks vacuuming the mattress or using bed bug spray is doing a good enough job. However, even amateurs in mattress cleaning New York has will tell you that this kind of ‘cleaning’ is quite superficial.

As you can see, professional mattress cleaning services are essential if you wish to spare your family a whole lot of health problems and hope to get a good night’s sleep day after day after day. Even as the best mattress cleaners New York has (and that’s us!) speed over to your place to offer their services, here are a few precautionary measures you can take to minimize the potential damage.

  • Get a mattress liner – To reduce the damage caused by accidents, spills, and stains, spread a liner between your sheet and the mattress.
  • Change your bed sheets regularly – Dirt and germ builds up quite fast if you don’t change your sheets regularly. In addition, the dirt accumulated on your sheet gets transferred into your mattress adding further to the pollution.
  • Avoid eating and drinking on your mattress – For obvious reasons, eating and drinking on the mattress is not a good practice, since there are higher chances of food stains and spills.
  • Do not sit on your bed with dirty clothes – Make it a practice to change your clothes before you get into bed, even if you’ve come in after spending only a short while outside. Always shower and change into fresh clothes before you retire for the day.

You do your bit, we do our bit and between the both of us we’ll make sure that you never have to worry about sharing your bed with anything undesirable, ever!