Professional Air Duct Cleaning: New York’s Finest Experts Explain Why you Need It

Air Duct Cleaning NYCMany homeowners wonder why it is important to hire experts for air duct cleaning. New York Carpet Clean and its trained staff take the liberty of answering this question for you. Of late, the deteriorating quality of air inside our homes has become a matter of great concern. Many people are not aware of the fact that ducts that circulate warm and cool air throughout the house are one of the leading reasons of indoor air pollution.

Over time, air ducts see a buildup of harmful substances such as dust particles, pollen and various other kinds of debris. Unknown to you, these pollutants are actually being dispersed throughout your house. To make matters worse, moisture in the air duct leads to mold and mildew growth. This will further impact the health of your family. Now you can gather why it’s important to hire reliable New York air duct cleaning experts.

If you need more convincing, here are four more compelling reasons that will have you reaching for the phone and getting in touch with us immediately:

  1. Durability of your HVAC system: In the absence of regular cleaning or systematic maintenance, it is believed that 90% of heating and cooling systems tend to breakdown or fail. Replacing the overall system and paying for the labor to do so works out to be significantly more expensive than hiring New York duct cleaning professionals to conduct periodic maintenance on it.
  2. Savings on Energy Usage: Did you know that dust build up on the coils of your heating and cooling systems leads to excessive energy consumption? According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, removing as little as 4/10 of an inch of dust from the coils reduces energy consumption by more than 20%. You can imagine how much you will be able to save on your monthly utility bills.
  3. Protection from Health Problems: Your air duct cleaning system could be circulating a host of pollutants throughout your house including dust, allergens like pet dander and pollen, and toxins like rodent droppings, mold, and mildew. For those that are susceptible to allergies, living in a place that has poor air quality can cause their condition to aggravate. Even if your family does not have allergic reactions to these substances, there is still the danger of contracting other illnesses and diseases.
  4. Remove Nasty Odors: The proliferation of dust and mildew in your air ducts usually leads to the presence of a musty odor throughout the house – something that persists in spite of aromatic candles or the strongest air fresheners. As experts in duct cleaning, New York professionals guarantee that once we are done, the only thing we will leave behind is fresh and sweet smelling air.

As you can see for yourself, a total, thorough, and regular air duct cleaning is a pre-requisite of a healthy home environment. In addition to a periodic maintenance schedule, it’s also important to have your air ducts cleaned in case any of these events occur:

  • Presence of water in your duct caused by leaky roof or water pipe
  • Flooding of your town or home
  • Mold detected during servicing of your HVAC system
  • Presence of insects or rodents in the duct
  • Major remodeling project
  • Moving into a new apartment or home

No matter what your demands might be in air duct cleaning, New York Carpet Clean’s dedicated personnel are trained and equipped to handle it all. Get in touch with us today to know of our range of services.