Expert Carpet Cleaners in New York Talk about your Carpet’s Dirty Little Secret

Carpet Cleaning NYCCarpet cleaners in New York, or for that matter anywhere in the US, are considered to be an elite breed of professionals. Some believe they are reserved only for serving palatial homes that are fitted with Oriental carpets and silk rugs. That really isn’t true. The average homeowner is just as much in need of carpet cleaning services as the rich. Here are some compelling reasons why.

If carpets aren’t cleaned regularly by professional New York carpet cleaners, they can become one of the leading reasons of sickness and disease in your house. They can visibly affect the health of the air quality inside it. For instance, did you know that the average carpet can contain up to 8 times their weight in dust, dirt, and toxins? There may even be no trace of the dangers lurking beneath your feet.

Each time you spray an aerosol in a room containing a carpet or use any sort of liquid cleaner, each time you step into the house and walk over the carpet in your dirty shoes, each time your kids and pets come in from the garden and sit down on the carpet, trace amounts of pollutants are being left behind in it. Not even the most thorough Sunday cleaning has the ability to dislodge some of the dirt and grime in there.

Over time, all this dust, dirt, and grime that has sunk deep into the fibers of the carpet accumulate to form an undesirable level of build up that is extremely harmful for your family. Before you know it, you and your family are battling with headaches, nausea, runny noses, itchy eyes, and skin rashes.

Dust mites can create just as much of a problem. They survive on bacteria, fungi, and human skin cells. The average human being sheds around 50 million skin cells in a day! Therefore, a dirty carpet serves as a never-ending feast for dust mites. This in turn can lead to severe health problems associated with dust allergies. This is horrible news considering most of the nation is allergic to dust mites.

Your carpet provides a variety of functions. It improves the aesthetic value and filters your air. Carpets acts as a filter purifying the air in a room much like the central heating and cooling system you have. It works by trapping accumulated contaminants like pollen, soil, dust, food particles, and animal hair thereby keeping them out of circulation into the air.

Your carpets will reach a maximum saturation level and release the trapped particles into your air. This will now contaminate the air. That’s why it becomes important to hire expert carpet cleaners in New York to extract all the accumulated grime and restore the beauty and health of the carpet.

In the end, when it comes to carpet cleaning, New York Carpet Clean and its team of trained professionals can’t stress enough on its importance and would implore you not to treat this matter too lightly. We offer professional services that will leave behind a carpet that is visibly cleaner, better smelling, and healthier. Get in touch with our New York carpet cleaners to see what we offer and count on us to take care of your dirty work, thoroughly, expertly, and professionally!