Top 5 Reasons Why You Require Services of Expert Rug Cleaners, New York, NY

Rug Cleaning NYCWhen it comes to rug cleaners, New York is fairly overflowing with hundreds of them. And yet, the average New Yorker believes that hiring them is a waste of money, or a practice that is reserved for only the richest segment of the society. What most people do not know is that rug cleaning is not a luxury; it’s an essential necessity for your family’s health.

Cleaning your rugs isn’t simply about making them look beautiful; it has far reaching implications for your health as well. Failing to hire experts in rug cleaning in New York can mean you are putting your family at great health risk. Don’t believe us? Here are the top illnesses that can stem from unclean and unhygienic rugs.

1. Asthma

Carpets that are damp and unclean create a hospitable environment for harmful micro-organisms. Research proves that these microbes aggravate asthma among people who are susceptible to this condition. In fact, it also leads to the development of one of the severest forms of this condition – bronchial asthma.

2. Rashes and Irritation

Here’s one more reason for calling in New York rug cleaning experts. It’s a well-known fact that dirty rugs make for a fantastic breeding ground for dust mites. They feed on the human cells, bacteria, and fungi that fall onto the carpet and eventually find their way deep into its fibers. Studies indicate that a large percentage of the American population is allergic to dust mites, and exposure to them can lead to health complications such as rashes on the skin and irritation in the nose and eyes.

3. Respiratory Problems

Although mold is not known to cause asthma, it has been linked to several other respiratory problems. It becomes worse when bacteria and allergens start living and feeding on mold spores. Over a period of time this can expose your family to a variety of illnesses and diseases.

4. Poor Immunity

Do you know what mycotoxins are? Mycotoxins are defined as poisonous compounds that are produced by certain types of fungi and they are commonly found in dirty rugs and carpets. Long term exposure to mycotoxins is known to wear down your body’s defense mechanism. It has also been held responsible for a variety of health problems ranging from stomach infections to allergies to respiratory problems.

5. Athletes Foot

Need more convincing why you must dial the number of our experts in rug cleaning in New York NY immediately? Dirty rugs harbor pollutants and parasitic organisms – this fact must have come across quite clearly by now. In addition to all the health problems we’ve discussed above, walking around barefoot on a carpet can also cause athlete’s foot.

This list is by no means extensive but it gives you a good idea of the health hazards you could incur if you ignored the regular cleaning routine of your rugs. Thankfully, you don’t have to look too far for the best and most professional rug cleaners. New York Carpet Clean has a team of fully trained expert cleaners who are dedicated to offering impeccable solutions for all your needs. Pick up the phone and call us to learn about the scope of your services. Remember, the more you delay, the longer you place yourself and your family in the frontline of danger.